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Vase Sponge - #70500


Vase Sponge - #70500

Vase Sponge - #70500


Cup-shaped sponges, although asymmetrical specimens with a lower and a higher cup-wall are common. Sponge up to 50 cm high and 40 cm in diameter. Thickness of the cup wall is 0.5-3 cm and the consistency is fleshy but tough. Surface strongly conulose. The conules are about 4 mm high and mostly 5-6 mm apart (I. campana-close up). Conules on the inside of the cup distinctly lower and closer together than those on the outside. Oscules only on the inside; 4-10 mm in diameter.

Reddish brown.

Inhabit shallow to mid-range reefs. Prefer brightly lit areas.

From Florida to Brazil.

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