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3830 Wacker Drive
Mira Loma, CA, 91752



Custom aquariums and zoological rockscapes are designed to meet the specific demands of the clients whether it is for aquariums, zoos, commercial or residential premises. 

We provide a personal, flexible and professional service, offering a tailored package to each client and turning their initial vivid vision into life. 

We are widely regarded as the go-to specialist in artificial coral, custom designed aquariums and zoological rockscapes.  We personally oversee each stage of the process to guarantee consistent high standards whilst maintaining a personal touch with each of our masterpieces. 


Besides artificial corals, we can replicate almost everything you desire.  Every item can be custom made to design and order.

Aside from building artificial reef tanks for public aquariums, we also create artificial reef tanks for commercial and residences.  All custom made to specifications.